Stomp Out Toenail Fungus With Our Advanced Laser Technology

Onychomycosis is a contagious fungal infection that affects your toenails. About 10% of Americans have onychomycosis, but that number increases to 20% if you’re over 60 and 50% if you’re over 70. If you have toenail fungus, your nails may look yellow or brown, crumbly or brittle, ragged, thick, distorted, or dirty.

If the fungal infection spreads, your toes may also emit a foul odor. If you don’t treat the infection, your toenails could begin to fall off.

When you think you have toenail fungus, you can first try over-the-counter antifungal medications and polishes. If those don’t work, visit Optima Foot and Ankle in Bend, Oregon. Our expert podiatrists examine your toenails and can treat and eradicate toenail fungus effectively with the state-of-the-art Lunula Laser®.

Lunula clears fungus and stimulates new nail growth

The Lunula Laser is the only non-thermal laser that has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the device for new clear nail growth. Advantages of the Lunula over other antifungal treatments include the fact that it’s:

  • Touchless
  • Painless
  • Free of side effects
  • Risk-free

There’s also no downtime with Lunula treatment. You can simply return to your normal activities and your regular routine. You also don’t develop resistance to Lunula as you might to other antifungal therapies. If you ever develop onychomycosis again, Lunula will be able to clear your infection and stimulate new growth, just as it did before.

Why Lunula surpasses other lasers

Lunula is a true, dual-diode, Class-2 laser that can both clear a fungal infection and stimulate healthy new nail growth. One diode uses the 405nm wavelength to kill the fungus under your toenail. The second diode has a 635nm wavelength, which stimulates the germinal/matrix tissue to produce new, healthy nails.

Class-4 lasers that rely on wavelengths of 900nm or higher produce heat, which is why they may sometimes create burning or stinging sensations. The Lunula relies on photomodulation, not heat, and its low-level wavelengths produce no thermal energy, which keeps your toes comfortable during treatment.

The lower wavelengths not only keep you comfortable, they’re more effective at killing the fungus, too. In fact, as the wavelength of the laser decreases, its power against onychomycosis increases.

Lunula is a pain-free, harmless treatment

In contrast to other laser treatments for toenail fungus, Lunula doesn’t cause discomfort or pain. Because it’s non-thermal, Lunula doesn’t emit smoke or fumes.

The Lunula Laser is enclosed in a box. You simply put your affected bare foot on a sterile stainless-steel panel in the machine for about 12 minutes. 

The laser targets the fungus underneath your toenail. It doesn’t affect your surrounding skin at all, so there’s no redness or tenderness after your procedure. You sit comfortably in a chair while the laser does all the work. You can read, catch up on email, or listen to music on headphones.

Lasers that use higher wavelengths generate heat as they vaporize, coagulate, and cut tissue. This often creates a plume of vaporized tissue and smoke, which means both the patient and staff nearby can inhale fragments of the fungus, as well as other potentially toxic substances.

Lunula’s low-level lasers don’t create heat, vaporize tissue, or create inhalable plumes. The cool laser rotates over your toes to gently eradicate fungus and encourage healthy nail growth.

Only a few sessions needed

You may need only four 12-minute Lunula Laser sessions to completely clear the fungal infection in your toenails. Almost 90% of patients respond to this laser treatment with complete fungal clearance and healthy new nail growth.

In a study of 100 patients, their fungus cleared on average by 74% in 3.5 months after as few as two treatments. Four treatments offer even better results. You can have a new treatment every week, for a total of four weeks.

To stomp out your toenail fungus and have clear, healthy, strong toenails again, contact our team to find out if Lunula Laser treatments are the right option for you. You can call the office or use our online appointment request form.

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